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At Virsas, we are passionate about building virtual systems and providing top-notch services to empower businesses worldwide. Our name, Virsas, stands for Virtual Systems and Services, representing our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that harness the power of technology.

Founded by Stefan Moravcik, a seasoned System Architect, Network Engineer, and Developer, Virsas brings together extensive expertise and a track record of success in helping companies optimize their infrastructures and run their systems flawlessly. With a wealth of experience under our belt, we have collaborated with renowned organizations to drive their technological capabilities to new heights.

One notable example of our accomplishments is our work with Poppulo, where we designed, built, and managed a robust system that sends millions of internal communication emails each week. Through our meticulous efforts, we ensured seamless delivery from data centres in the United States and Europe, guaranteeing reliable and efficient internal communication for Poppulo and its users.

Another noteworthy project we undertook was with Kephala, where we developed a secure system for uploading and storing EEG files. These files, sized in hundreds of gigabytes, were crucial for clinical studies. Our solution ensured the secure storage of this sensitive data and provided a seamless experience for researchers, enabling them to focus on their studies without worrying about technical challenges.

Collaborating with Cergenx, a company specializing in leveraging artificial intelligence to identify newborn infants at high risk of brain injury, we contributed to their mission of improving infant care. Through our expertise and dedication, we aided in building the underlying infrastructure that supported Cergenx's AI-driven analysis, allowing healthcare professionals to make critical decisions with confidence and precision.

However, realizing the constraints on our time and expertise, we established Virsas to extend our services to a broader audience. Our goal is to make our knowledge and tools accessible to everyone. That's why we have developed an infrastructure management tool that automates cloud setups, reviews existing configurations and applies the latest best practices.

At Virsas, we believe in the power of collaboration and open-source innovation. That's why our tool, along with all its modules, is open source. We foster a community-driven approach, inviting developers and enthusiasts to contribute and improve the tool collectively. By embracing open source, we aim to democratize infrastructure management and ensure that businesses of all sizes can benefit from robust and efficient systems.

Join us at Virsas and let us help you unlock the full potential of your infrastructure. Experience the power of automation, the assurance of best practices, and the strength of community-driven development. Together, we can build virtual systems that propel your business forward.

Welcome to the world of Virsas – where virtual systems and services merge seamlessly to revolutionize your technological landscape.

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