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New feature - Groups

New feature - Groups

New feature - Groups

It wasn't challenging to add or remove members from projects and teams before, but when you had big teams, and each team used all of our services, it got very complicated to maintain the list of members. So we are happy to introduce groups - an easier way to maintain privileges across services and users.

It is very simple to manage those groups. First, you need to go to account settings and list user groups. To create one, you need to press the button "New Group" and fill-up the form.

When above is done, you can add any number of existing users to the group. You can do that in the user's list by editing the user and adding the group you need for the user to be in. You can add any number of groups to a single user.

When all is done, in the team or project configuration, you can edit membership. In there you will find a form for a single user or groups. You can add the required group here and users within this group have access based on their roles.

So if user Jane Smith has the role of squad reader and he is a member of the group engineers. He will have read-only access to the team configured with this group. 

Hopefully, this is going to make your experience better with the services we provide. 

In case you have any question, please, do not hesitate to contact us or organize a demo and we can show you how this work in real-life scenario.