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New feature - Newsletter

New feature - Newsletter

New feature - Newsletter

Sometimes, internal communication is not enough, and our clients need to connect with their audience outside the application. For that reason, we are happy to introduce our new functionality. Newsletter. From now on, you can send emails to all your subscribers with polls, questionnaires and new blog posts. Management of subscribers is also a part of the application. 

All necessary locations you can find in your account settings. 
List of subscriber tags - for grouping subscribers.
List of subscribers - for list of individual subscribers, their import and management.
Newsletter - History of sent emails and those in progress ones.

You can create any number of tags, and each subscriber can belong to multiple of them simultaneously. You might consider creating your test tag for initial send with internal subscribers and if you are happy with the result, resend the same email to tag with your customers. 

Subscribers can be created in three ways. One is to create individual subscribers by pressing "new subscriber" button. You can also import the CSV list of subscribers or add a form to your website. When your clients subscribe, they will be automatically added to your subscribers' list. Please check the integration menu. 

You can send a newsletter with you blog posts, poll events and questionnaires. This function is only available if the item you are trying to send is publicly available and you have at least one tag group created. Then it is as simple as pressing the button and selecting the tag you want to send the email to.

When the newsletter is sent, you will have a new item on your newsletter page in your account details. This page shows the status of the send and deliverability of the item itself to every single subscriber. 

This is the email your subscribers will receive. It contains the item you sent, with your account name and option to unsubscribe. In case you would like to replace virsas logo with something else, you need to upgrade your account to enterprise status and upload your own logo. 

Happy emailing.