Give your audience a place to ask you questions.

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Importance of questionnaires

If you want to organize a successful conference, you must listen to your audience. And it is not an easy task to achieve

Common issues with the Q&A

If the Q&A is at the end of the session, your audience can forget some of the questions they wanted to ask.

If the Q&A is part of the session and your audience can ask questions anytime, it gets very distracting.

Not everyone is brave enough to voice their concerns in front of their colleagues. You can miss the opportunity to answer some of the most important questions.

Questions are not upvoted or filtered, you have no control over asked questions, and few important ones might get lost.

The service "Questionnaires" is a specialised Virsas tool used to eliminate all the known issues of Q&As and maximise your conferences' effectiveness. The audience can ask questions anonymously, upvote those that matter the most, and you can filter out irrelevant ones. And if you do not have the time to answer them all, you can always do it later.