Each incident needs a process to help your team to learn from it and not to make the same mistake again.

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Importance of incident

As your systems grow in scale and become more complex, failure is inevitable. However, incidents are also a learning opportunity. By conducting an incident postmortem, you have a chance to discover vulnerabilities, decrease the time to resolution and mitigate repetitive incidents. But not every postmortem is equal.

The service "Incidents" is a specialised Virsas tool that allows you to create a blameless process. This process brings a team together to take an in-depth look at an incident and figure out what happened. The deeper look can be achieved by reconstruction of the timeline and planning out actions needed to mitigate future issues.

The value of effective blameless postmortems

Create a healty culture between teams

Do not allow the fear of blame to increase the chance of ignoring incidents

Increase communication and support

Create always improving culture