Meeting minutes

Without the meeting, you cannot make progress. Without the minutes, you can forget even the best decision.

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Importance of meeting minutes

Many employees spend hours and hours in meetings every month. However, without a proper structure, clear actions and documentation, meetings can be a waste of time. By taking minutes, you can avoid many mistakes and save a lot of money. You can avoid repetition, keep track of the project, state of ownership and track execution of actions. Minutes acts like a reminder aid and a starting point of every project. In case of conflicts, they are useful to know what agreements were made.

Mistakes to avoid

Too many meetings

Missing agenda or direction

Late start or finish

Getting off topic

Lack of participation

No following up on discussed items and actions

The service "Meeting minutes" is a specialised Virsas tool that helps you to gain control over the meetings your team attends. You can track the directions, attendees, discussed items and plan out actions needed to be accomplished and what are the expected dates of delivery on your promises.